Academic papers

Academic research on structural proteins

The methods and technologies Spiber has developed for the production and utilization of our materials are based on a multitude of interdisciplinary research initiatives. Many important questions crucial to structural protein development and production remain unanswered, particularly in the frontier research topic that forms Spiber’s core competency—understanding the mechanism that drives the expression of our specially-designed proteins. We believe that pioneering the new technologies and knowledge required by our endeavour will require a coordinated fusion of the best solutions that academia and industry have to offer.

By applying the latest academic developments to the cyclical research and development process that drives our efforts to commercialize structural proteins, we believe that we can contribute to the global scientific endeavor to bring about a more sustainable future. It is this belief that inspires our research into a wide range of natural protein materials and their properties, from the incredible softness of premium luxury cashmere to the tough and tensile spider silk that inspired our company’s name.

Protein materials are unmatched in terms of their potential for diversity across both form and function, and we are confident that their impact on humanity and the world will only continue to grow as our knowledge and ability to utilize them increases through the combined efforts of industry and academia.