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Company-related inquiries:

For inquiries regarding anything not covered in the FAQ below, please contact us using the following form. Before contacting us, please be aware of the following:

  • Spiber does not solicit or accept ideas, proposals, or the submission of inventions.
  • While we endeavor to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner, response times may vary depending on the inquiry.

For details regarding our handling of personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Concerning the provision of information

At present, confidentiality considerations prevent us from disclosing or providing the following information: unannounced financial or administrative details; unannounced details regarding our research and development initiatives (methods, cost, price, specifications, etc.); unannounced details regarding product development; unannounced details regarding our facilities, and so on.

Concerning joint research initiatives and material samples

We are hard at work building new partnerships and developing novel applications so that more people can utilize and enjoy our materials moving forward. At present, however, our limited production scale prevents us from being able to allocate resources to every request for joint development or material supply. We kindly ask for your understanding in advance.

Concerning production process of Brewed Protein materials

  1. Design and synthesize the genes that code for the desired amino acid sequence for our Brewed Protein polymer.
  2. Introduce these genes into microorganisms which are engineered to produce our proteins in a highly productive manner.
  3. Ferment microorganisms in large-scale tanks using sugars to produce proteins.
  4. Separate proteins from microorganisms and dry them into powder.
  5. Process protein powder into a variety of forms, such as fibers, films, resin, and more.

Concerning visits and proposals

Please be advised that we do not accept unscheduled visits to our facilities. Accordingly, we ask that you make sure to book an appointment before visiting us to discuss any proposals.

Concerning recruitment

Up to date information concerning our recruitment initiatives can be found on our Join page. Please make sure to read all the available information listed there, and then submit your application and required documents via the application form.

Concerning product

For inquiries regarding products jointly developed with or sold by THE NORTH FACE or Goldwin, please contact the GOLDWIN Customer Service Center.
For inquiries regarding products jointly developed with or sold by sacai, please contact sacai.

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