Not Your Usual
Nine to Five


Your time is precious.
Spend it on something that matters.

We can’t promise you that every moment will be a party. But what if the time you spent at work wasn’t just going to pay the bills? Imagine clocking in to accomplish something more—something fulfilling, something exciting, and something you believed was worth doing. And sometimes, even having fun doing it!

Working with people you respect toward goals you care about.

Spiber wants to help you accomplish great things. We aren’t just an employer—we are a team of individuals working with others we respect toward goals we care about. Doing so allows us to accomplish far greater things together than we ever could alone.

Accordingly, it’s absolutely essential that our team members share our purpose and values. Just like a highly focused magnifying glass can channel a small amount of light into a white-hot point, a highly aligned team—even a small one—is capable of accomplishing great things.

Experiments aren’t just for the lab.

Our dream is to have the largest positive impact on the world that we possibly can. All of our vision and drive is bound up in the pursuit of this one goal. Naturally, we’re passionately excited about the potential that our unique technology has for realizing a sustainable future, but the possibilities don’t end there—we think our team and culture are pretty special, too.

Of course, lots of companies say they’re different, but we like to think we’re doing something above and beyond the status quo. In fact, we’re questioning the very foundation of the employee-company dynamic itself. One example of how we’re doing that is our salary system.

We all have differences, ranging from the big to the small. These differences extend to every part of our lives, from how we live, work, and play, down to the way we contribute at the workplace and in our communities. This means that no one but you has the ability to understand and evaluate your unique situation and contributions. You’re not just a dollar sign to us, but of course you do need to get paid. But how much, exactly? We leave that up to you. Yes, you read that correctly: each individual at Spiber decides what their own salary should be, and all salaries are freely visible to everyone else in our team.

This doesn’t mean that everyone at Spiber is a millionaire. We have an obligation as members of a society with limited resources to take responsibility for the salaries we choose. Along with all the other team members in Spiber, you will creatively evaluate your salary using a variety of metrics—the company’s current circumstances; the sort of value you create; the balance between yourself, other members of your team, and society; the market average; and much more. Each person makes their own final decision, which is why it’s so important for our fundamental values and goals to be aligned.

We realize that this system represents a considerable departure from how most of us have earned a living until now. It requires a great deal of consideration and self-evaluation from each of us. The process isn’t always an easy one, but we believe it provides exciting opportunities for personal responsibility and growth. It’s an experiment that’s still continuing to evolve, and we’re excited to share it with you!

In search of wellbeing

We believe in creating a company environment that offers comprehensive support for our members, including providing progressive approaches to early childhood education. As part of this mission, Spiber operates two company-owned nursery facilities in Tsuruoka, Yamagata—Yamanoko home, opened in 2017 with capacity for 19 children aged 0 through 2 years, and Yamanoko, opened in 2018 with capacity for 50 children aged 0 through 5 years. These two institutions approach childcare with a basis in Spiber’s overall philosophy, engaging with children to develop sustainable ways of living.

We’re looking for individuals who:
• Can find happiness in the here and now
• Are cognizant of their role as a member within a shared, global environment

For more details regarding Yamanoko, click here.

Leverage your talent

Spiber is looking for individuals from all backgrounds to help us in our endeavor. Alignment with Spiber’s vision of maximizing our contribution to society is the most critical aspect we take into account when hiring new employees. Flexibility and a willingness to step outside of your area of specialization are also important aspects of working at Spiber.

There are some specific fields where we are particularly looking for candidates, such as below.

Biz Dev & Sales
We must fully utilize all resources—present and potential, internal and external—to maximize the value that we contribute to society. We are looking for individuals who can work organically across teams and disciplines; who can think outside of current business paradigms to arrive at creative and innovative solutions. Diversity in language and culture is particularly welcome in the field of business development, as our goal is to enrich the entirety of mankind.
Our team works in pursuit of Spiber’s ultimate aim of ‘contributing to sustainable well-being’ by aiming to solve social issues and provide essential long-term value to society. We are looking for people who are willing to challenge themselves to shape the society of the future by upholding ethical values and exceeding expectations, without being caught up in trends. Our team is willing to work hard in small ways to achieve big goals, and we are not intimidated to combat the vast and deep challenges to realize sustainability, and to maximize the value we deliver to Spiber’s stakeholders.
Marketing & Communication
The mission of the Marketing & Communication division is to convey Spiber’s core philosophy and the value we offer in a clear, accurate, and respectful manner. We believe that our organization is well-positioned to have a meaningful impact on the creation of a better society, and we consider it a privilege to build awareness of our endeavors with both internal and external stakeholders.
Our division works with passion and a sense of purpose to build mutual understanding and trust between Spiber and the outside world, and to convey the results and value of Spiber’s activities through communication strategies which are planned and executed in accordance with our goals as a company.

Fiber Manufacturing
One of the ways to achieve Spiber’s core goal of contributing to sustainable well-being is to encourage the industrial adoption of our proprietary Brewed Protein™ material to help drive biosphere circulation. Team members working in fiber manufacturing and R&D engage in basic technology development, scaling-up, and mass production of fibers made from Brewed Protein™ polymer for Spiber’s entry into the apparel and fashion industries. Our division is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, and previous experience in the textile industry is not a requirement for these positions.
Supply Chain Management
Working with established economic structures is an important part of achieving Spiber’s vision of contributing to sustainable well-being. We believe that companies should exist to serve society, so it is crucial for us to enlist the aid of exceptional corporate partners to help drive the pursuit of our business endeavors. The Supply Chain Management division is looking for adaptable and driven individuals to join our mission to improve the efficiency of Spiber’s manufacturing activities.
Quality Management
Consumer-oriented product assessment is indispensable in manufacturing initiatives, and we believe that evaluating the novel products made through Spiber’s pursuit of sustainable well-being requires a highly innovative perspective. For this reason, our approach to quality control and quality assurance is creative rather than formulaic, and strives to embody the same values that Spiber seeks to offer to society. We are looking for motivated individuals who can help continue to build upon Spiber’s unique legacy.

Human Resources
Our mission at Human Resources is to maximize performance to achieve Spiber’s goals through the embodiment of sustainable well-being of each and every employee. We work hand in hand with the management and business divisions in order to provide solutions to support Spiber’s growth, while leading recruitment, training, compensation, and other systems and HR tasks. Our team utilizes lateral thinking to implement new systems and projects in pursuit of Spiber’s ultimate aim of ‘contributing to sustainable well-being.’
Corporate Management
The rapid, global growth required by Spiber’s mission relies upon an extremely strong management foundation. We are looking for individuals who can significantly contribute to building this foundation by utilizing high levels of expertise and business execution/project management skills to establish and implement comprehensive internal management systems and processes with a view to going public within the next few years.
Recruitment Occupation

Accounting and Finance:
Corporate Planning / Finance Associate

Nonetheless, we review all applications that come in, so even if your skill set doesn’t match those in the links above, please look through the other categories and consider applying if there’s a field you think you can contribute to.

Intellectual Property
Spiber’s approach to IP has allowed it to capture the full power of its R&D that develops next-generation biomaterials to built a 100+ patent portfolio. Spiber’s IP team has always tried to deploy IP strategy in ways that allow it to fit the company’s business goals and protect the value of current innovation while at the same time creating the conditions for future potential innovation.
With Spiber, there is a wide array of IP functions – from patents, trademarks, and trade secrets, to work with international standards bodies, and the licensing of technology and know-how to partners, and one would have the chance to experience the evolution and maturation of a company’s IP strategy from its start-up phase to its emergence. We are looking for members who are willing to contribute to raise of IP strength and the implementation of creative IP strategies to the business portfolio to help the sustainable growth of Spiber. 
In-house Language Support
The multitude of backgrounds and experiences among the staff at Spiber give us strength and perspective as our expansion into global markets accelerates. In order to overcome language barriers and collaborate effectively, Spiber’s in-house team of language support personnel engage in a variety of tasks—including translation, interpretation, and lifestyle support for members from abroad—to facilitate smooth communication within the company as well as bring our vision and philosophy to the world in an engaging way.

New Frontiers (e.g. Food Innovations)
In an ever-evolving world, new teams and projects are constantly being established to maximize Spiber’s contribution to sustainable well-being. Therefore, it is impossible to encompass the Spiber team with the areas listed above. Your creative ideas and concepts are always welcome here. You have the freedom to pioneer any field you can imagine, make the most of your talents, and maximize our potential.
Science & Technology
Science and technology are the source of Spiber’s innovation and competitive edge. We pursue high-risk, high-impact research on a grand scale—and with unprecedented speed—that is guided by a long-term vision. Our R&D teams function within an organic, inter-disciplinary structure that prizes brave, imaginative individuals who are not intimidated by big challenges. While experience and expertise remain important factors, they can sometimes become barriers to success. A simple or obvious question is often what leads to a breakthrough that drives significant progress.
Yamanoko home
nursery schools
We are currently seeking new team members to work in Spiber’s two company nurseries, Yamanoko (50 child capacity for children aged 0-5 years old, opened in September 2018), and Yamanoko home (19 child capacity for children 0-2 years old; opened in September 2017). Both nurseries offer features such as a multi-age environment, the use of cloth diapers, and the opportunity for children to learn through experience and adventure. Team members will work together within a flat organisational structure which ensures that every voice is heard. We are looking for adventurous souls who aren’t afraid to try new things.

Available positions:
Nursery teacher [PDF]
Spiber (Thailand) Ltd.
Spiber is commencing construction of a mass production facility for its Brewed Protein™ materials. The plant will be constructed at the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand. With a maximum capacity of several hundred tonnes per year, the plant is expected to be the world’s largest structural protein fermentation facility (as of July 10, 2019; independent research). Commercial production is expected to commence in 2022. The new plant will allow for large-scale protein fermentation and purification operations, and will also serve as a model for the commercialization of structural protein materials and for the development of other licensed plants in the future. We are seeking personnel who can balance large-scale plans with attention to detail, and have a keen sense of what the future holds for the manufacturing of new materials.

-> Spiber (Thailand) Ltd. | Join page
Spiber America LLC
Spiber America LLC, a wholly owned US-based subsidiary of the Spiber Group, is engaged in the establishment of a large-scale fermentation production facility in Clinton, Iowa. As operations of this facility are outsourced through a strategic partnership, the team at Spiber America LLC is small and versatile, primarily engaged in engineering, business and production management, development of strategic partnerships, as well as logistics and commercialization of Brewed Protein™ polymers produced in Clinton. At this time, we are seeking members to help us in realizing the continued growth of our activities in the US.

Candidates who are interested in working in the US and working on US-based matters should select the “Spiber America LLC” checkbox on the application form on the next page.