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Enrollment is now open for Yamanoko Childcare Center

June 05, 2017

On September 1st 2017, Spiber Inc. will open its own childcare facility, the Yamanoko Childcare Center. We are looking for children who are interested in joining the fun!

Yamanoko will provide a relaxed environment for a small number of children and adults, enabling children to discover what they love, devote themselves to it as much as they desire, and be nourished with great satisfaction and joy.

We have created a comfortable indoor space built with natural materials as well as an outdoor playground in which both children and adults can enjoy growing vegetables and flowers. Children will be able to play and learn freely in both indoor and outdoor environments, establishing a healthy daily rhythm. We will make the most of the abundant natural surroundings of the Shonai area and treasure the time that our children spend exploring it.

Yamanoko Childcare Center is part of the employer-provided childcare project led by the Cabinet Office. It will offer childcare services to children of employees from Spiber and partner companies, as well as to local children of non-employees.

For further details, please download the following files:

Yamanoko enrollment information sheet (Japanese/English)
Nursery environment information sheet
Enrollment application form