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Received the 2015 Akarui Yamagata MVP Award

February 15, 2016

Kazuhide Sekiyama, Representative Executive Officer of Spiber, received the 2015 Akarui Yamagata MVP Award from the Yamagata Association of Corporate Excutives. A certificate of recognition and supplementary prize were awarded at the awards ceremony on Wednesday, February 10 at the Yamagata Grand Hotel.

[About the Akarui Yamagata MVP Award]
The Akarui Yamagata MVP Award is given to a group or individual either originally from or residing in Yamagata prefecture. With the goal of increasing citizens? awareness and interest in making a “brighter? Yamagata prefecture, the award acknowledges the group or individual that provided exceptional contributions toward building an “akarui? (bright) Yamagata over the course of the year.

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