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Announcement of New Product Prototype “MOON PARKA” at Omotesando Hills in Collaboration with The North Face

October 08, 2015

On September 8, 2015, Spiber Inc. and Goldwin Inc. entered into a business partnership in the field of sports apparel to promote the development of new products making use of high-performance next-generation materials.

They are now pleased to announce the MOON PARKA, a new and exciting prototype developed as a joint research project for release by The North Face in 2016. The MOON PARKA signals the beginning of a new paradigm in sports apparel, combining the brand strength of The North Face with Spiber’s QMONOS™, the world’s first successfully-produced synthetic spider silk material. The moon is the most remote and extreme environment upon which man has set foot, and the MOON PARKA expresses the strong determination and spirit needed to explore locations even more extreme than the Antarctic, as well as the limitless possibilities this project holds.

Details can be found here.