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Business Acceleration toward Globalization by Initiation of ImPACT and Fund-Raising of 2,550 Million Yen

November 04, 2014

Spiber Inc. has started the R&D program “Industrial material revolution based on high-performance structural protein? whose project manager (PM) is Mr. Takane Suzuki (former board member of Kojima Industries Corporation). As a result of the official approval of Impulsing Paradigm Change through disruptive Technologies ?ImPACT? established by the Cabinet Office on October 2, Spiber Inc. was appointed to and selected as a core research institute.
Furthermore, for system construction promotion towards R&D and globalization, Spiber implemented the allocation of new third party shares totaling 2,550 million yen as of October 31. The capital after the increase is 2,055.33 million yen (capital reserve 2,045.33 million yen).

Details can be found here.