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Notice regarding Spiber’s response to COVID-19

March 05, 2020

In order to prevent increased strain on Japan’s medical infrastructure in the face of a sudden rise in cases of COVID-19, Spiber is adopting the following measures for its Japan-based offices:

1. Prohibition of international business trips and visits to Spiber’s offices (beginning February 26, 2020)

2. Prohibition of most domestic business trips (beginning June 23, 2020)

3. Implementation of remote work (beginning March 3, 2020)

– As a rule, team members will work from home
– Those team members who cannot work from home will continue to take necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as checking their temperatures before coming to work and using face masks and alcohol hand sprays. These team members will limit their time in the office to the absolute minimum necessary, performing work at home instead whenever possible.

Please note that the Spiber-operated Yamanoko and Yamanoko home nursery schools will be operating as usual, with all staff taking the utmost precaution to halt the spread of any infections.

For further details regarding Yamanoko and Yamanoko home during this time, please click here.

As of now, the measures described above are intended to last until the end of December (updated December 1, 2021). However, we will continue to monitor the situation and respond accordingly. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences these measures may cause.