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YUIMA NAKAZATO announces new collection via video presentation at Haute Couture Week Fall/Winter 2021-2022

July 08, 2021

On July 7th, 2021, YUIMA NAKAZATO, designed by Yuima Nakazato, presented its Autumn/Winter couture collection "EVOKE'' at Haute Couture Week in Paris via video presentation. EVOKE is the fourth collection since 2019 to feature Brewed Protein™ materials. 

YUIMA NAKAZATO’s original “Biosmocking” technology—a textile-modeling method for creating three-dimensional textures by applying special digital processing to Brewed Protein™ materials—has evolved even more since last season. For this collection, Yuima has created a diverse, mystical look based on the theme of visualising sound.
Furthermore, the combination of Brewed Protein™ materials with nishijin-ori, a traditional kimono textile from Kyoto, results in a new fabric with a never-before-seen shade of metallic blue.
This collection demonstrates both the variety and endless possibilities of Brewed Protein™ materials.

Details can be found here.