Social Media Policy

The following policy outlines the manner in which all official social media accounts belonging to Spiber Inc., Spiber (Thailand) Ltd., Spiber Holdings America Inc., and Spiber America LLC (hereafter, “Official Accounts”) shall be managed.

1. Purpose of social media utilization

  • Social media postings by Official Accounts shall be made with the intent of promoting a deeper knowledge and understanding of Spiber.

2. Standards when utilizing social media

  • Throughout its utilization of social media, Spiber will:
  • Deliver honest, sincere communications at all times.
  • Act with consideration and respect for those individuals who will receive information from Spiber.
  • Remain aware that information, once made public, cannot easily be deleted, and act responsibly when disseminating or handling information.
  • Act with care when handling personal or confidential information; abide by Spiber’s Privacy Policy when handling personal information.
  • Act with appropriate consideration for the rights of third parties by respecting their privacy and intellectual property rights, and by causing no harm to their names or reputations.

3. Changes to shared information, accounts, and this policy

  • Information shared on social media may be subject to revision at a later date.
  • Official Accounts may be closed or deleted without prior notice.
  • This policy may be revised without prior notice. Any such revisions will take effect immediately upon publication by Spiber.

4. Regarding the use of social media by Spiber employees

  • Spiber has also established an internal social media policy which describes the approach taken towards social media participation by Spiber team members. All Spiber team members—not only those involved in the operation of Official Accounts—are expected to be familiar with this policy and to refer to it when engaging with social media.

5. Enquiries

  • Please address any opinions, questions, or other enquiries regarding the all official social media accounts belonging to Spiber Inc. to:

    Spiber Inc., 234-1 Mizukami Kakuganji Tsuruoka, Yamagata 997-0052, Japan

Last updated: September 25, 2020