In our quest for a means of production that responds to the ever-changing social environment, we at Spiber began collaborative research with Goldwin in 2015 to advance the practical application of Brewed Protein™ materials in the outdoor sector. As part of our research and development efforts, we have also been working with various partners and outdoor brands including The North Face to improve the quality of our products through repeated field tests. The result is the Planetary Equilibrium Tee, which uses a new fabric that blends Brewed Protein with cellulose, and the world’s first outdoor jacket made of protein materials, MOON PARKA, both launched by The North Face.

For this latest project, we developed “The Sweater” made of Brewed Protein™, processing it into a new fabric that is suitable for outdoor use by blending it with wool, a high-performance fiber. This classic outdoor sweater is based on the sophisticated and minimalistic design identity of Goldwin, a company with a long history as a skiwear brand. The sweater embodies a new style of sustainable production, combining materials from the natural world with Brewed Protein.

In much the same manner that evolution drives adaptations throughout the natural world, increases in human knowledge have encouraged mankind to develop various tools and products for use in daily life. One example of this is the sweater. Developed approximately 1,000 years ago by people living in hunter-gatherer societies near frigid coastal and mountainous areas, the sweater was originally a hand-knitted item that utilized animal fibers to protect its wearer from the cold.

One of the reasons for the sweater’s enduring popularity across countless generations and varied cultures is due to the nature of its construction, which maximizes the incredible potential for diversity and versatility found in animal fibers. This latest collaboration between Goldwin and Spiber, “The Sweater”, was developed while asking ourselves “What was the origin of this iconic product?” and “What will it look like in the future?”

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