Brewed Protein™ Bioderived,
customizable materials

With development grounded in close observation of the natural world, Spiber’s Brewed Protein™ materials are produced through a fermentation process that uses sugars and microbes, rather than petrochemical or animal-derived raw materials.

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NXT GEN Hoodie

Sustainable fashion brand PANGAIA released the fourth capsule within PANGAIA Lab, a limited-edition sweatshirt featuring Brewed Protein™ fibers and organic cotton, for sale online worldwide.

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Brewed Protein Brewed Protein
The Sweater

“The Sweater” features an all-new Brewed Protein™ and wool blend, specifically designed for outdoors use. By combining materials from the natural world with Brewed Protein, The Sweater embodies a new style of sustainable production.

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