Anti-social Forces Policy

Spiber Inc. (“Spiber”) hereby establishes the following policy which outlines the company’s efforts to comprehensively reject any and all interactions with crime syndicates and other anti-social forces.

  • Spiber will strive to educate and promote awareness amongst all employees so as to develop an attitude of firm refusal regarding dealings with anti-social forces.
  • Spiber will employ a company-wide, management-led approach to responding with anti-social forces, and will ensure the safety of any employees involved in such endeavors.
  • Spiber will work with the police, centers for elimination of organized crime groups, attorneys-at-law, and other external specialist organizations to respond with comprehensive and appropriate measures in order to prevent damages caused by anti-social forces.
  • Spiber will not comply with unjust demands made by anti-social forces, and will respond to any such demands through both civil and criminal legal measures.
  • Spiber will not engage in clandestine dealings nor provide funds to anti-social forces.

Last updated: June 14, 2021