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Announcing the planned sale of products from “Goldwin 0” project featuring Brewed Protein™ materials

March 30, 2022

On March 24, GOLDWIN INC. announced the planned Fall 2022 sale of a fleece top, a denim top/bottom set, and a shell top/bottom set from its “Goldwin 0 (zero)” collection featuring Brewed Protein™ materials. Fleeces produced with standard synthetic fibers have recently drawn attention for the impact on marine environments caused when microfibers created during washing are dispersed into the ocean. By replacing these traditional synthetic fibers with biodegradable Brewed Protein™ fibers, Spiber is able to offer a new solution to the ongoing issue of marine pollution. Additionally, the denim top/bottom set announced represents an important first step towards Spiber’s goal of establishing a long-term, circular production system. Further details regarding sales of these products will be announced at a later date.