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Announcing the release of our first Sustainability Impact Report and Sustainability webpage

January 20, 2023

Spiber is pleased to announce the release of a Sustainability Impact Report to clarify the current status, commitments, and milestones of our sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability is central to our mission. Spiber aims to contribute to the global transformation to a more circular economy through cutting-edge protein-based material offerings. We believe truly impactful solutions need to be built on innovation and the highest standards of integrity and responsible business conduct. Accordingly, we have published our first Sustainability Impact Report, which describes our sustainability strategy and covers disclosures regarding our global activities in 2021 (with additional coverage of some activities up until June 2022). Furthermore, we have also launched a new page dedicated to communicating sustainability efforts on our website. Updates and further progress will be disclosed on this page moving forward.

The full Sustainability Impact Report can be found here
*A Japanese-language version will be released at a later date.
Our Sustainability page can be found here
*A Japanese-language version will be launched at a later date.