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Japanese apparel brand ADORE to release winter coat featuring Brewed Protein™ fiber

November 13, 2023

ADORE, a brand owned by TSI Holdings CO., LTD., will release a double-faced winter coat (a woven garment made of two pieces of fabric sewn together to form a single piece of fabric) using Brewed Protein™ fiber at some ADORE stores and on the official EC site from November 30, 2023 (available only in Japan).

For the brand’s signature product, ADORE has selected our innovative material to create a coat featuring a supple and smooth touch achieved through the fineness of Brewed Protein™ fibers.

Moving forward, we will continue to promote material development and production initiatives to expand sales channels to new brands and companies so that more consumers will have access to our materials as a step towards a more sustainable future.

Details can be found here (Japanese only).