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Company-related enquiries:

For enquiries regarding anything not covered in the FAQ below, please contact us using the following form. Before contacting us, please be aware of the following:

  • Spiber does not solicit or accept ideas, proposals, or the submission of inventions.
  • While we endeavor to respond to all enquiries in a timely manner, response times may vary depending on the enquiry.

For details regarding our handling of personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.

Concerning the relationship between Spiber (Thailand) Ltd. and Spiber Inc.
Spiber (Thailand) Ltd. is a supplier of Brewed Protein powders to Spiber Inc., our parent company. At present, we are focused on the production and purification of these powders, and are not involved in later-stage processing or treatment activities. While we are engaged in the development, testing, and dissemination of information regarding production methods and approaches, Spiber Inc. remains the primary center of the Spiber Group’s broader research and development initiatives.
Concerning the provision of information
At present, confidentiality considerations prevent us from disclosing or providing the following information: unannounced financial or administrative details; unannounced details regarding our research and development initiatives (methods, cost, price, specifications, etc.); unannounced details regarding product development; unannounced details regarding our facilities, and so on.
Concerning material samples and sales
As a rule, we do not provide samples of our powders or fibers upon request. At present, all powders produced at our plant are reserved for processing into materials by Spiber Inc. and are therefore not available for general sale. Individuals interested in purchasing Brewed Protein powder or fibers should direct their enquiries to Spiber Inc.
Concerning joint research initiatives
The Spiber Group’s research and development initiatives are primarily carried out by Spiber Inc. Accordingly, we generally do not accept requests for research and development collaborations. Individuals wishing to propose such collaborations should direct their enquiries to Spiber Inc.
Concerning visits and proposals
Please be advised that we do not accept unscheduled visits to our facilities. Please make sure to book an appointment before visiting us to discuss any proposals. While we do have a satellite office in Bangkok, all team members are usually on-site at our factory, so we ask that any appointments be made for our factory location.
Concerning recruitment
For information concerning recruitment, please visit our Join page.

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