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Working to make the impossible, possible

Spiber’s dream is to have the largest positive impact on the world that we possibly can. All of our vision and drive is bound up in the pursuit of this one goal. We aim to use our business to help provide a solution to global-scale issues such as environmental pollution and resource scarcity. In order to succeed in making the impossible possible, we need to build not only an exceptional, purpose-driven organization, but also an organization in which creativity flows freely from every single member. We believe that we must build systems that represent our trust in each other and our intention to foster each individual’s autonomy. To that end, we’re questioning the very foundation of the employee-company dynamic itself. One example of how we’re doing that is our salary system.

Experiments aren’t just for the lab

We all have differences, ranging from the big to the small. These differences extend to every part of our lives, from how we live, work, and play, down to the way we contribute at the workplace and in our communities. This means that no one but you has the ability to understand and evaluate your unique situation and contributions. You’re not just a dollar sign to us, but of course you do need to get paid. But how much, exactly? We leave that up to you. Yes, you read that correctly: each individual at Spiber decides what their own salary should be, and all salaries are freely visible to everyone else in our team.

This doesn’t mean that everyone at Spiber is a millionaire. We have an obligation as members of a society with limited resources to take responsibility for the salaries we choose. Along with all the other team members in Spiber, you will creatively evaluate your salary using a variety of metrics—the company’s current circumstances; the sort of value you create; the balance between yourself, other members of your team, and society; the market average; and much more. Each person makes their own final decision, which is why it’s so important for our fundamental values and goals to be aligned.

We realize that this system represents a considerable departure from how most of us have earned a living until now. It requires a great deal of consideration and self-evaluation from each of us. The process isn’t always an easy one, but we believe it provides exciting opportunities for personal responsibility and growth. It’s an experiment that’s still continuing to evolve, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Employment opportunities

Spiber (Thailand) Ltd. currently has openings in the following fields (English only):
Production operator [PDF]
EHS Specialist (Safety Officer – Professional level) [PDF]
Warehouse & Procurement Controller [PDF]